The most crucial component of reaching your fitness goals is consistency. While life happens and we’ve got more responsibilities than ever, taking a bit of time to plan early on will help make your workout routine possible. This is particularly true during one of the busiest times of the year – the holidays.

Aside from hiring a Fort Wayne nutrition coach, here are a couple of tips to ensure you maintain your workout goals during the holidays:

Change What You’re Doing

Free time runs at a premium during this season. Because of this, you’ve got to try to think of simple things that’ll add up in the long run. For instance, you can grab a bag of veggies rather than a bag of chips, stand instead of sit, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park further away. There are a lot of options presented to you every day. You’ve got to make it a habit to pick healthier options.

Be Efficient

Keep in mind that you do not really have to take a complete hour out of a day to do your workout. This is particularly true when it comes to fitness. The truth is that taking an hour out of your day may be almost impossible during the holidays. You could have an excellent workout in less than 30 minutes with nothing but your bodyweight. You can easily get your heart pumping with 60-second plank 3 times, 20 mountain climbers, 10 push-ups, and 20 bodyweight squats.

Plan Meals

This tip isn’t only for the holidays. You have to apply this tip every single time. This is the reason why it is extremely crucial to hire a nutrition coach. You can help keep yourself and your family on track with your goals if you take 1-2 hours every Sunday afternoon to prepare meals and healthy snacks for the week. You will not have to stop and buy fast foods during a time crunch if you already know what you’re going to eat. This can be an excellent family event as well. You’re offering every person in your family a bit of input on what they want to eat during the week and they can also help with preparing too.

Group Workouts

Your family may want to join you if they’re staying with you. It does not have to be structured. However, getting your entire family moving is an excellent bonding experience and you’ve got a chance to be an excellent influence on your loved ones. You can search online for a workout routine, simply go for a walk, or play some touch football or tag in the yard.

Plan Ahead of Time

Schedule your sessions or sign up ahead of time if you’re going to a studio or a gym. This will help you put it on your calendar. Getting in a couple of early morning sessions will help you feel energized and accomplished for the entire day. Planning ahead of time will help you prevent forgetting your workout routine.