It will always be timeless to pair beer and wine with food. However, in previous years, a new trend is rising among the culinary industry. People are now pairing meals with cocktails. It can be a very fresh way to spice up the menu at your next gathering in the upcoming holidays. Of course, though experimenting with tastes is part of the fun, it’s important that you avoid flavors that clash. This is particularly true when it comes to mixing liquor and cooking.

Before you order liquor online, here are several tips that you can follow to properly match your drinks with your food.

Simple Desserts

You should start small if you’re overwhelmed with the idea of offering a cocktail with every course. You can simply start with desserts. An excellent match for the sweetness of any dessert is coffee-based cocktails. Pairing cocktails with desserts make for a sweet party.

Feel the Layers

You need to consider the cocktail’s consistency whenever you are choosing its pair. You should not ignore textures. Thicker cocktails made with liquors are not an excellent match for rich sauces or red meat. The taste can be overwhelmed with the thickness of frozen cocktails. On the other hand, carbonated cocktails such as club soda or tonic pair well with full-flavored foods.

Consider Condiments

You really have to balance everything. You add seasonings to make the flavors meld together whenever you cook. You can add pepper and salt to meat to bring out its fullness. Of course, you can also do this with liquor. However, almost every individual doesn’t know what to do. That’s why you have to balance everything. Thus, the soft flavor of fish will be enhanced best by a zesty citrus cocktail if you are serving fish. If you want to help bring out mellow flavors, cocktails can help a lot. Thus, you should try serving a sweet cocktail if you make your main dish accidentally too spicy.

Simplify Dishes

A dish with complicated flavors only requires a simple cocktail to pair with. You will require an easy and distinct cocktail if you are making a dish with a strong taste. A beautiful holiday beef roast or rack of lamb goes great with a classic Manhattan or gin and tonic.

Match High Alcohol Content

Your preferred drinks from the bar such as cosmopolitans, margaritas, and martinis have high alcohol content. You will have to pair drinks like these with foods that can soften the alcohol’s taste. These drinks go well if you are serving anything fried.

Mix and Match

The flavor mostly comes from the mixers in cocktails. It does not usually come from the liquor. You’ve got to ensure to remember this when you are pairing your food. The mixers in the cocktail need to properly well with the main ingredients in the food. A margarita or lemon drop will be a great drink to fresh seafood, such as raw oysters, clams, or mussels because of the pleasant lemon essence found in these drinks.